Strange theme park..!! People can bathe in Tea, Coffee or Wine..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Strange theme park..!! people can bathe in Tea, coffee or Wine..!?
Various theme parks are functioning to attract the attention of people worldwide. But in reality, some theme parks are very different. We have heard a great deal about underground springs. Some even bathed in it. At a theme park in japan, there is a naturally occurring hot spring. But beyond just bathing, Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a theme park where people mix their favorite drinks into it. This is the most important feature of this theme park. The highlight here is that you bathe in natural hot springs while mixing your favorite drinks. It is also said that many people who come here are very interested in bathing in the "red wine" spring.
This wine bath holds a huge 3.6-meter-tall bottle. According to the japan National Tourism Organization, people can also get the chance to enjoy a special wine show, in which "the staff brings bathers a bottle of Yunussen's special wine and sprinkles them in the bath". Not just wine, visitors can also bathe in coffee, Japanese sake, and green tea. Pools like wine, coffee, and shakes are also available in this theme park. And according to the theme park's website, it's said to have special fountains that make the mane glow.
Recently, a Vlogger enjoying this wine bath in an instagram reel went viral. The instagram user said that apart from bathing in the pool, we can also drink it. It was a completely different experience for me,” he said in his post.

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