Amul’s ‘tea-rrific’ doodle features Bill Gates and Dolly Chaiwala

We don't need to explain how bill gates, the former co-founder of microsoft, disrupted the internet by sharing a video with nagpur resident Dolly Chaiwala. radhika Merchant had tea with the well-known tea vendor on the internet when Gates was in the nation taking part in Anant Ambani's pre-wedding celebrations. Amul's drawing accurately portrayed their relationship.
The billionaire's modest gesture of sipping chai from Dolly's stand demonstrated both his grounded nature and the diverse range of indian street culture. The event, captured in a video that went viral very quickly, shows Gates conversing with Dolly Chaiwala. 

Dairy company Amul put a unique spin on this by releasing a doodle featuring Gates and Dolly. The cartoon, appropriately named "Chaicrosoft. Amul– Gatesway To Taste," shows an animated bill gates getting two pieces of bread smeared with Amul butter from Dolly Chaiwala in addition to a drink of tea.
The amusing post has received several replies and over 11,000 likes. Many praised the adorable doodle and noted that their contact was in fact a crossover that no one had anticipated.
Dolly Chaiwala, who gained popularity on the internet when a video of him giving bill gates tea went viral, admitted that he did not at first identify the co-founder of microsoft until the video appeared on social media.

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