In Guntur, a 6-year-old boy assaulted by stray dogs...

S Venkateshwari
In guntur, a 6-year-old boy assaulted by stray dogs...

On saturday morning, a group of stray dogs attacked a six-year-old kid in the guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Officials say that the event happened as the youngster, named Karthikeya, was traveling to karate class in the district's Sampat nagar shiva temple neighborhood. A video of the event, showing up to five dogs barking and attacking the youngster as he tried to flee, has gone viral on social media. A passing car stepped in after a short while and helped save the youngster.

However, according to authorities, the child had severe injuries and was taken to a local hospital right after to receive medical attention, as PTI reported. Unfortunately, the group of dogs around the temple grounds targeted Karthikeya, who had traveled to the area for the holidays. His worried parents are actively interested in tracking his recuperation and have been notified about the event, according to a police official in Hyderabad.

In recent months, reports of stray dog attacks have surdata-faced on multiple occasions. The recent passing of well-known industrialist and scion of the Wagh Bakri Tea Group, Parag Desai, focused attention once more on the threat posed by stray dogs. On october 15, Desai allegedly sustained severe injuries while attempting to defend himself from stray dogs. Several weeks after starting treatment, he passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage.

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