World Cup hero's wife Jessica is worried..!? Why?

Sowmiya Sriram
World Cup hero's wife Jessica is worried..!? Why?
Travis Head's wife Jessica, who was the main reason for the victory of the Australian team in the 2023 world cup final, after the world cup She has given an interview about her husband. In that interview, she said that it is difficult to go alone to birthday parties, celebrations, and weddings without her husband. About this, she said, "Sometimes it's hard for her without him. Travis doesn't come to birthday parties, celebrations, weddings. She has to go there alone. That's the imbalance in cricket."
"At the same time, Travis is a very supportive partner. Even though he travels overseas most of the time, he still does things for the family," Jessica said of her husband, Travis Head. After Travis Head scored a century to beat india in the 2023 world cup final, some fans took to social media pages to lash out at Travis Head and his wife. In protest, many indians posted comments in support of Travis Head and his wife.
Speaking about it, Jessica said that she knew 99.99 percent of people are very supportive and kind. She doesn't want to waste her energy on trolls. india is an amazing country. Its culture and people are so beautiful. She found people incredibly welcoming to children. people welcomed her daughter Milla. She loved it. She did a four-hour tour of kolkata and it's a different life there compared to Australia. She loved it. india is bustling and colorful. There was music in the streets. mumbai was also incredible. The food was amazing.

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