Ind vs Aus Finals: Principal Postpones Class 6 to 12 Exam!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Ind vs Aus Finals: Principal Postpones Class 6 to 12 Exam!?
The principal of the public school in faridabad, haryana has ordered the postponement of the unit examination due to the world cup finals. The 13th cricket world cup series was underway in India. india, south africa, australia, and new zealand advanced to the semi-finals. india advanced to the final by winning the first semi-final against New Zealand. Similarly, australia won the 2nd semi-final against south africa and progressed to the final. The world cup final between india and australia will be played today. The match will be held at 2 pm today at the ahmedabad Stadium in Gujarat. The two teams met in the final in 2003. In this, india lost by 125 runs. Following this, after 20 years, the two teams are meeting in the final for the 2nd time.
It was in this situation that DAV in faridabad postponed the unit examination that was to be held in the school due to the finals. The public school principal has issued a statement. In a statement released by the school principal, the final match between india and australia will be held on november 19, i.e. Sunday. According to the request from the students of the school, the unit examination for the students of classes 6th to 12th which was to be held on the 20th has been postponed to the 21st.
As a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life, it is understandable that cricket is a great way to bring families together. As we give you this family time, we hope you will do well in the upcoming exams (World Cup Finals) and thank the school. It is noteworthy that the indian team has said that they will pray together to win the trophy.

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