Kerala Farmer sells spinach in an Audi car..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Kerala Farmer sells spinach in an audi car..!?
Sujith, a farmer in kerala, is trending in the internet world today. Many videos go viral on the internet but only a few videos are talked about a lot among people. This is one such video. This video was posted by Variety Farmer's instagram page, in the video, Sujith is bringing lettuce bundles from the farm in an auto, but he comes alone in an audi A4 car, takes off the Vetti he had tied on the car, and starts selling it with a drawer. He spreads tarpaulin on the road and starts selling lettuce bundles brought by auto. In the next few hours, he leaves after selling all the lettuce bundles.
What surprised everyone who saw this video was that he came in a car to sell spinach. Sujith is not only a content creator but he also practices organic farming as an alternative method and earns excess production and income. The channel owned by Sujith is the instagram page called Variety Farmer. Sujith is constantly posting his videos and photos. Sujith is now famous all over kerala due to his success in farming. A success through farming and content creation, he recently bought a secondhand audi A4 car, which has become a trending video. The new audi A4 is priced between 44 to 52 lakhs. Technological advancements have revolutionized almost every industry in the last 10 years. The next 50 years are expected to bring unimaginable change.
Technological advancements also help make all sectors more profitable due to the use of technology. But agriculture has been one of the sectors that has not benefited the most from these technological advances in generating high per capita income. But recently changes are taking place in the agricultural sector as well. The image of agriculture as a hard-working farmer and income generator is slowly breaking down in recent times. Agriculture and animal husbandry has now become the field of choice for many young people who want to escape from corporate dominance and become entrepreneurs instead of working in a corporate company.

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