Youth in Tirupati died..!? Eating Adultress egg fried rice..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Youth in tirupati died..!? Eating Adultress egg fried rice..!?
A young man in tirupati died shortly after eating egg Fried Rice. Family members were admitted to the hospital due to severe illness. Afterwards, he died of the situation. Family members complained about the shop that he died of food poison. The police checked the shop. In Andhra Pradesh, a young man was killed in adulteration.
Adulteration in every product of cuisine has been revealed. From the cooking oil to tea powder, each of the chatters is adulting. This adulteration is causing a lot of illness. Hospitals are suffering from food poison. Recently, a man in tirupati ate adulterated food and died. A young man who ate egg fried rice in tirupati district was ill in the short term. He lost his life after receiving treatment at the hospital. The incident has caused local turmoil.
Family members allege narendra died of food poison. Narendra's family members have complained to the police over the shop of egg Fried Rice which was eaten by Narendra. The police have registered a case of suspicious death. Subsequently, Mr. Palli police inspected the shop sold by egg Fried Rice.

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