30 hours in the collapsed earthquake..!? Little girl video..!

Sowmiya Sriram
30 hours in the collapsed earthquake..!? Little girl video..!
The video of the little girl who saved her brother after being stuck in the rubble of the earthquake for 30 hours is going viral. A terrible earthquake occurred on the data-border of turkey and syria last monday morning. The earthquake occurred when many people were sleeping and caused a large number of casualties. From this earthquake, the death toll continues to rise. Officials and doctors said that a total of more than 11,000 people have died. But the death toll is still feared to increase further as said by WHO.
In this situation, a video of a girl trapped in the rubble of an earthquake in northern syria and fighting to save her brother for 30 hours is going viral. While they are both at home, they are caught in an earthquake. In this, the 7-year-old girl Maryam is trapped in the rubble. The girl's brother is lying next to him. Both are unable to move.
However, the girl is seen wrapping her head with her hand to prevent anything including dust from falling on her brother. The two men, trapped under the cement slabs, struggled for 30 hours.
 The rescue team rescued the two people and admitted them for treatment. In another incident in syria, a newborn baby was rescued alive from the rubble. The umbilical cord was also attached to the mother. However, the child's mother died in the earthquake.

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