Android users beware! Your phone can be hacked, government warns!!


Android users beware! Your phone can be hacked, government warns

The indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has warned Android users that Android OS has vulnerabilities that can give hackers access to their information and data.The indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has recently issued a warning and this warning is especially for Android users. Whether they are using an Android phone or an Android tablet. Let us tell you that CERT-In comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. 

According to CERT-In, many flaws have been found in Android OS, and by using it, hackers can extract important information and data from your phone. In such a situation, it is important to know which Android versions are at risk in this. This also includes Android 12, Android 12L, Android 13, and Android 14.

This is the reason for the problem

According to Cert-In, these problems are due to flaws in the framework, system, google Play system updates, Kernel, Arm components, Imagination Technology, and Qualcomm's closed-source components in Android.

Due to these flaws, if a hacker wants to hack your phone, then this task will become very easy for him. After hacking your phone, the hacker can steal data from your phone and sell that data on the dark web. Along with this, the hacker can also activate the Denial of service condition in your phone. Therefore, Cert-In has asked the users to update the Security Patch as soon as possible.

Follow these steps to update your phone

- First of all open the Settings of your phone.

- search for software Updates in it and open it.

- After this click on Check for Updates.

- If 'Update available' means the update is available, then download it.

- After downloading the update, install it. - Restart the phone after installing. After this, your phone will become more secure and safe than before.

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