Is there a spy camera in the hotel or changing room?


Is there a spy camera in the hotel or changing room? These devices will help you find it in a jiffy

Hidden Camera Tips:It is very difficult to find hidden cameras in a hotel or changing room. Let us tell you about some such devices, through which you will be able to find hidden cameras in a jiffy. Tech Tips in Hindi: Due to the holidays of schools and colleges in the summer season, many people go on summer vacations. Something similar is also being seen in this summer season. Now if people go on summer vacations, then it is necessary to stay in a hotel, but nowadays many people are facing a big problem while staying in a hotel and the name of that problem is spy camera or hidden camera. This is the reason that many people start looking for them as soon as they go to the room, but every time our eyes are not able to find the hidden cameras. Let us tell you with the help of which technology you will be able to find hidden cameras in a hotel.

How to find hidden cameras in a hotel?

This device that detects and removes spy or hidden cameras is known as the 'Hidden Camera Detector'. These gadgets do not cost much and you can easily carry them in your bag or pocket. Let us tell you about this special device.

Before checking the camera, it is important to know where the cameras can be in the hotel room. To know this, start looking for the camera as soon as you check in the room. This work may take you 15 minutes to half an hour butit is very important for your privacy and safety. Therefore, carefully check everything that may have a camera installed.

Especially check the switchboard, fan, air conditioner (AC), tv above or below the bed, flower vase, teddy bear, fire alarm, and such things carefully. After this, check the washroom and bathroom, check things like shower, water tap, washbasin, andtoilet pot. Apart from the things mentioned above, many other things can also have cameras installed in them, so using camera detectorsyou can detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms.

YAVRIXZ Spy Camera Detector

With the help of this camera detector, whether it is a changing room or a hotel room, if there is a hidden camera there, then this device can easily find it. Its list price on amazon is Rs 999, but you can buy it now for Rs 499.

DWC Hidden Camera Detector

This DEVIL Will Cry camera detector comes with the latest technology to find cameras. Its original price on amazon is Rs 5,999, but now you can buy it for Rs 3,499.

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