AI protects you from falls and car accidents!

S Venkateshwari

AI protects you from falls and car accidents!

The new apple watch has a special feature called 'Fall Detection'. When it senses that you have fallen hard, it informs the nearby emergency team. This watch takes data from sensors called accelerometers and gyroscopes, which tell how you are moving. With the help of AI technology, it detects whether you have actually fallen or not. Similarly, car crash detection feature also comes in google and apple iPhones. It actually learns to recognize car accidents that happen in real life with the help of machine learning. If the phone senses that a car accident has occurred, it sends your location to your specified emergency contacts and also sends an alert to the response team. It would not be wrong to say that AI is now being used in everything we use in our everyday lives, from software to life-saving features.

Amazing AI in the world of gaming

Video games have probably been the first industry to adopt Artificial Intelligence. In the beginning, AI was used just to create random levels, but today AI has progressed so much in the world of gaming that you cannot even imagine. Like in games like PUBG or Fortnite, initially, you play against AI-powered bots and then against real players. Even in racing games, we often race against AI bots. Perhaps the most interesting use of AI in games is seen in the Middle Earth game series. Here your enemy is controlled by AI, they keep learning and changing according to the upcoming situations in the game. In these, your enemies are driven by AI. And by interacting with you and other parts of the game, they keep improving themselves.

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