50 Cent Of Indian Users Pick Up Smartphones Out Of Habit !!!


50 Cent Of indian Users Pick Up Smartphones Out Of Habit: Study

The report further stated that approximately 55 percent of the time, consumers picked up their phones without a clear intent.

According to a recent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), nearly half of indian consumers tend to pick up their smartphones out of habit, often without any particular intention. In other words, one in two times mobile users in india pick up their devices without knowing why they fired up their smartphones. As per the findings of the global management consulting firm BCG, an average smartphone user typically checks their phone 70-80 times daily.

In our research, we have seen about 50 percent of the time consumers do not have clarity on why they pick up the phone -- they do it out of habit," said kanika Sanghi, Lead - Centre for customer Insights India. The report further stated that approximately 55 percent of the time, consumers picked up their phones without clear intent, whereas 50 percent of the time, they were very clear about the task at hand. Additionally, the report mentioned that for 5 to 10 percent of occasions, consumers had partial clarity on why they accessed their phones.

The report also added that an average smartphone user checks their phone approximately 70 to 80 times daily. Additionally, categories such as socialising, shopping, searching, and gaming emerged among the top five activities consumers engage in on their smartphones, as per the report's findings.

The report's conclusions are derived from real clicks/swaps data collected from over 1,000 users, supplemented by extensive consumer interviews conducted nationwide in India.mMoreover, the report stated that approximately 84 percent of users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. The study also introduces a concept called 'Surdata-faces,' an AI-enabled lock screen that allows users to access features directly from their home screen without having to navigate to the app.

"Smartphones are evolving -- the recent spate of discussions in media and at industry events on themes like ‘AI on device’ or ‘app-less experience through Gen AI’ is a testament to that evolution," Nimisha Jain, Senior Partner and Managing director at BCG, said in a statement.

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