Instagram Testing 'Flipside' Feature, Lets You Go 'Incognito' From Annoying Relatives


Instagram Testing 'Flipside' Feature, Lets You Go 'Incognito' From Annoying Relatives

Your relatives are following you on instagram and you want to post a picture which they might judge? 

Fret not, you won't have to block them before posting it as instagram has begun testing for a new feature called 'Flipside' which will enable you to create private posts exclusively visible to selected users or close friends. 

At the moment, this feature is just limited to a small group of people, however, the Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform intends to soon expand this for a broader user base. The Head of instagram, Adam Mosseri, though is not sure about launching this feature but, the company is currently in the process of recording people's responses to it.

According to a report by The Standard

This new feature will enable users to maintain a separate space for these private posts which will ultimately grant them control over who can or cannot view these posts. This space is designed for people who wish to share more private or personal content exclusively with close friends or their chosen ones. This practice of having such private space is usually observed in the scenarios of celebrities who maintain a private account referred to as 'finsta' or fake install. Here they share exclusive pictures with their close friends and family. Now, with the upcoming Flipside feature, users will be able to replicate this practice on their primary accounts.

Flipside' To Be Fiesta's Substitute

Apart from posting photos and videos privately, instagram might also allow users to configure a custom profile picture, name, and bio for the Flipside profile. This will create a similar experience to having a separate account. Notably, a similar thing has been done previously by instagram with stories. While putting up stories, one can easily choose whom to show that story to by putting them in your 'close friends' category. This feature is anticipated to be progressively rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

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