What laws need to be enacted to regulate deepfakes?

S Venkateshwari
What  laws need to be enacted to regulate deepfakes?  

1. Deepfakes-specific laws – According to dhruv Gupta, the provisions of the IT Act  currently being used to combat deepfakes: , their ability to stop deepfakes is not very high. Experts say  the indian government should follow China's lead and enact its own laws on deepfakes. Because in addition to cyber scams, pornography is also being promoted. india has different laws for both  cases. In this situation, unless specific laws regarding deepfakes are enacted, cybercriminals may continue to exploit deepfakes.

2. This is organized crime and requires central intervention. – Recently, the Center gave a reply in parliament to resolve the issues related to her IT Act. The Center had maintained that this was a national problem and  should be dealt with only by the police. Experts say turning a blind eye to the growing scale of deepfakes and cyber frauds in various states is not the right course of action for the Center.

"This is a type of organized crime," said a former Jamtara police chief, an IPS officer,  on  condition of anonymity, but many people are involved in this operation. Simply put, there are entire criminal networks. They say: But the right called action has its limits. You can only take action  on what you catch. By placing this in the category of organized crime, it will be easier for the police to investigate.

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