Which country in the world has laws prohibiting deepfakes?

S Venkateshwari
Which country in the world has laws prohibiting deepfakes?

The USA passed a deepfake statute in 2019. But it's not working out that well. The 2019 bill assigned security agencies the task of determining if foreign nations are employing deepfakes to do harm to the United States.

A deepfake law proposal has been drafted recently in the United States. According to this idea, creating a deepfake of a person without their consent will be considered criminal activity. For this kind of offense, there is a provision for both a fine and a jail sentence. Additionally, it has been reported that the maker of the deepfake may pursue a defamation lawsuit. In China, creating deepfakes without authorization is prohibited. There is a clause that stipulates severe penalties for breaking this. The first nation to deem deepfakes unlawful is China.

Other than the united states and China, no significant nation in the world has stepped up to enact legislation pertaining to deepfakes. The european union has just directed its security agencies to monitor the foreign deepfake plot.

In what ways are deepfakes abused?

Based on the incidents that have surdata-faced thus far, deepfakes are primarily being utilized for extortion and pornography. Numerous instances of deepfakes being used to extract money have also been reported in India. Deepfake examples of small-scale fraud have surdata-faced in india recently. Likewise

When the fraudster intends to defraud someone named A, he takes the voice of his friend B from a platform and records the audio of him pleading. AI tools are used for this. Next, this voiceover that was created using deepfake is sent via WhatsApp. He frequently uses deepfakes to create video calls. A typical call lasts between thirty and forty seconds. Along with these voiceovers and video chats, the police information has revealed situations that also include a suspicious account number with a request to deposit money right away.

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