Why Star link Services Were Denied to Ukraine.?

Sindujaa D N
A recent incident has come to light which is enough to show what kind of situations arise when depending on private organizations and individuals in critical times like war, and how many difficulties the dependent countries data-face.  That is the shock given by Elon Musk to ukraine during the ongoing war between russia and Ukraine. 

In september last year, ukraine asked Elon Musk for help to destroy the ships belonging to the Russian Navy in Sevastopol port.  As part of this, it asked to provide Star Link services in Crimea. But Elon Musk denied this. Recently he himself admitted this. Many interesting things have come to light in this regard in the book related to Elon Musk's biography written by famous author Walter Isaacson.

 As a part of this, many interesting things have also come to the fore on providing Star Link services to Ukraine.On this occasion, Musk explained about the suspension of Star Link services to Ukraine. He said that he had taken that decision out of concern that russia might launch nuclear weapons in retaliation. It is known that russia took Crimea under their control in 2014. It was precisely at this point that America intervened. Signed an agreement with Star Link to provide continuous services to Ukraine. 

America is relying on SpaceX not only for ukraine but also for other things. In this context, it is said that America is thinking about the situation if space x is given a hand at a crucial time, as it has been given a hand to ukraine in the past. In this context, American officials reveal that there is concern about what will happen if the providers of commercial services refuse such services at critical times in the future.  As a result, we are discussing how to deal with military agreements in the coming days.

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