VIRAL Statement - Saving Rs.40,000 Monthly in Hyderabad.!

Sindujaa D N
There are many domestic and foreign companies in hyderabad city. Also, IT aspirants are looking at Bangalore first to get good salaries. The reason for this is the opinion that the salaries are higher here than in Hyderabad. But the cost of living in Bangalore is very high compared to Hyderabad. It is said that there are situations where almost half of the salary has to be spent on house rent. 

It is said that apart from house rent, everything from food items to consumables are expensive. In this background, a post by Prithvir reddy on twitter is going viral. He said that he was able to save Rs.40 thousand per month after recently shifting to hyderabad from Bangalore. It has gone viral on social media. Moreover, this topic has sparked a debate among netizens. 

Some agreed that what he said was true, while others disagreed. Prithvir Reddy's statement that a family can live peacefully in hyderabad with Rs 40 thousand attracted the netizens. It is said that for a middle class person to live in Bangalore, at least Rs.25,000 per month for a bachelor, Rs.50,000 for couples and Rs.70,000 for four or more people. Compared to any other city in the country, this amount is said to be higher in Bengaluru. 

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