NETFLIX passwords can't be shared anymore.!!

Sindujaa D N
Needless to say, Netflix is one of the most expensive OTTs in the world, not just in India. In the meantime, the number of customers has decreased drastically, but the rates have been reduced and increased again. In the past, Netflix had given the option to share the password. But now the sharing system has been removed and the rules have been tightened.

Only family members are allowed to share Netflix passwords at home. Sharing the password with outsiders will incur an additional fee. How to know if they shared passwords at home ie. IP address and device ID. Both of these let Netflix know whether a password has been shared with family members or with outsiders.

New joiners will have to pay a fee if the password is shared with outsiders. This new approach was recently brought by Netflix. In the year 2017, Netflix promoted that they should share the password. At that time, Netflix did not have the worldwide popularity it has today. Especially in India, the number of clients is very less.

The number of OTT users has increased massively after Corona. That's why Netflix is moving forward by paying extra attention to content and choosing additional revenue streams. As a part of that, a new provision has been brought in the matter of password sharing. Market circles are expressing an opinion that this is big bad news for the clients. 

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