How to lock WhatsApp chat..!? Privacy Protection..!

Sowmiya Sriram
How to lock whatsapp chat..!? Privacy Protection..!
You can lock private chats on WhatsApp. This protects privacy. Meta's whatsapp app has now introduced a new Chat Lock feature. Just as we use Fingerprint, Face Unlock, and Passcode facilities to open an App, we can also use these to open a private Chat. Now this feature has been launched for both Android and also for iOS users. If we activate this new Chat Lock, the chat that we want to keep safe will go to a separate folder. We can open that folder using our Finger Print, Passcode, Face Unlock, etc.
We do not directly know the notification coming in it. Photos and videos from these will not be saved in our gallery. This feature is very helpful for users who share the smartphone with family members. In the coming days, this Chat Lock feature will be further improved and more unique features will be added. First update your whatsapp latest. It is available for all Android and also iOS devices. Now, first go to the chat of whatsapp you want to lock. Tap on 'Profile Picture' and click on the 'Chat Lock' option. If you go to the whatsapp homepage you can see all chat details that you have locked.

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