First ever twin babies through robot.!

Sindujaa D N
Man has taken another step forward with the ever-expanding technology. For the first time in the world, IVF done with the help of a robot has been successful. Moreover, it must be said that Vainam, who gave birth to two female children of Pandanti, has now given way to a new creation. This experiment by a team of engineers in Barcelona, spain was successful.

 It is said that with the success of this experiment in which sperm cells are introduced with the help of robots, it will be possible to give birth to children at a very low cost in the coming days. It should be said that if IVF performed by a robot becomes available instead of IVF which is not available to common people, it will enable childless couples to become parents. 

Interestingly, the experiment was carried out by two engineers who had no experience in the most important aspect of fertility in IVF. A sony PlayStation 5 controller was used to position the needle-thin robot. Sperm cells are filled in it. The robot, which detected the human egg through the camera, penetrated itself and dropped the sperm into the egg. They were found to have fertilized within two days. So they became embryos. MIT Technologies stated in its report that after nine months, two full-term female babies were born. 

IVF is the most expensive method of having children. It is not possible for everyone. This expensive approach makes the technology inaccessible to the poor. However it should be said that the cost of giving birth to children in the new robotic IVF method is very low and there is no chance of failure. Five lakh children are being born under the current system. 

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