Nanobots in Rescue: Immortal Humans by 2030!!

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Nanobots in Rescue: Immortal Humans by 2030!!

Ray Kurzweil, a scientist who worked at Google, said that with the help of nanorobots, there is a chance that humans will have the gift of saga by 2030.

Ray Kurzweil is a former scientist of Google, one of the world famous technology companies.

Kurzweil, a 75-year-old computer engineer, has made 86 percent of his 147 predictions so far.

He had predicted long back in the year 1990 that the technology genius computers would definitely beat human race in chess sport by the year 2000. Similarly, Ray Kurzweil's predictions about Internet access and wireless technology have also come true.

In a recent interview Ray Kurzweil talked about human evolution.

In his book 'The Singularity is Near' published in 2005, he recalled that by 2030 technology would help humans achieve immortality.

"Major advances have been made in genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, etc. 'Nanobots' are coming soon. These very tiny robots can be injected into the human body through veins. They are only 50-100 nanometers wide. Already, nanobots are being used in dna analysis and cell imaging. It can be seen," he says.

"Nanorobots can be used to protect humans from aging, health problems, and repair problems in the body's cells, so that humans can eat whatever they want while still being lean and strong," says Kurzweil.

A 2003 paper reported that when you overeat, a nano-robot in the body will do the job of expelling them.

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