Zoom: Out of focus without the President!!

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Zoom: Out of focus without the President!!


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Zoom has fired company president Greg Toomb. 

However, he did not reveal the reasons for his ouster. 

ideo communication technology company Zoom has also started laying off its employees. 

Recently, the company disclosed in a regulatory filing that the president, Greg Toomb, was sent home. 

However, the reasons for Greg's ouster were not disclosed. 

Greg Toomb was promoted to Zoom President in june of last year. 

His resignation in just eight months has surprised many people.

No other person has been announced to replace Gregg as the company's president. 

A Zoom spokesperson said there are no plans to replace Gregg. 

The reasons for keeping the position of company president vacant have not been disclosed. 

Greg Toomb joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer in 2019. Later, he was promoted to vice president. 

Previously worked as Vice President of Sales, Work Space, and Security, at jio Enterprises at google until May 2021.

Last month, Zoom made a massive layoff. 

This equates to 15 percent of the company's employees. 

Those who lost their jobs in America were given 16 weeks' salary, health coverage, a 2023 fiscal year bonus, and stock option authorization for six months. 

Time has been given until august 9 in other countries.

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