Special offer for Indians in Germany..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Special offer for indians in Germany..!?
In the middle of the war in russia and Ukraine, the entire european countries are facing severe impacts from all 360 angles. In this situation, every european union country is taking many important initiatives to recover quickly in the economy and trade. As a part of this, germany, which is the largest economic country in Europe, wants to speed up the issuance of visas. Not only this, it decided to create a new law to attract foreign workers. The new law aims to fix the main obstacles for immigrants to germany, including the complicated process of recognition of educational credentials.
Germany, like the rest of the world's major industrial nations, data-faces an acute labor shortage. britain is currently facing this problem. The economy is forecast to slow down this year as well, particularly in high-skilled, high-growth sectors with a severe shortage of workers. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that his government wants to ease the way for indian IT professionals to get visas to work in Germany.
Speaking at the event in Bangalore, Olaf Scholz revealed that basically, we want to facilitate the issuance of visas to qualified workers quickly and easily. German President Olaf Scholz said that to make this possible, we intend to modernize not only the system of issuing visas but also the entirely legal system.
 This will benefit all tech workers who dream of working abroad. The new labor law includes a new "Opportunity Card" with a points-based system based on qualifications, language ability, professional experience, connection to germany, and age.Germany wants to make the EU blue card accessible to a larger number of professionals with a university degree.
The German government aims to make germany a desirable destination for foreigners to come for vocational training or study, as well as for continuing education or work. germany wants to allow third-country nationals to work directly in their field of expertise without going through procedures for formal recognition of degrees and professional qualifications obtained in their country. Earlier there was a separate procedure for the examination of degree and professional qualifications.

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