Fresh air with Anti Pollution Helmet!!!

Fresh air with Anti pollution Helmet!!!

How big a problem pollution is, now there is no need to collect or tell data about it. Before the era of Corona, people have also been seen wearing masks to avoid bad and contaminated air. Then in Delhi, the capital of India, the level of pollution has always been found to be high. In summer and rain, this problem can still be said to be controlled, but with the approaching of winter, the problem of pollution starts dominating health. Now in such a situation, one cannot remain locked in the house. But if you go out, you will have to data-face pollution and the problems caused by it. Keeping all these circumstances in mind, a startup has prepared an anti-pollution helmet. Know its full details-

How this Anti-Pollution Helmet works?

This helmet has been named PUROS. As per the name, an air purifier has been installed in this helmet. With the help of this air purifier, the polluted air coming from outside reaches the rider only after being completely purified. USB charging port and Bluetooth enabled app are also available with this helmet. Through this app, the rider can find out the exact time to clean the helmet.

Who made it and for what price?

It has been made by a startup named shellios Technolabs. It is also getting funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology. This startup has been working on this helmet for a long time, but these days it is very much discussed. Its price is being told between 4-5 thousand.

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