Vijay TV brings back the top Comedy Show again..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Vijay tv brings back the top comedy Show again..!?
Vijay tv is ditching the super hit show after the fifth season of Cook with Comali data-faced problems. Cook with Comali is one of the popular reality shows on Vijay TV. This event was a stress buster for people during the Corona lockdown. The show has completed four seasons so far. In its first season, Vanitha vijayakumar became the title winner. Kani won the title in the second season and Sruthika in the third season. Mime Gobi won the fourth season which ended last year. Usually Cook with komali starts after bigg boss ends, so this year also Jodi No. 1 started after bigg boss instead of Cook with Komali. Later, when it was said that the show would be delayed, Cook with komali started leaving the show one by one. venkatesh Bhatt and Chef Thamu, who were the judges of the show, left first.
Next, media Mansions, which hosted the event, left. Finally the director of the show Parthiv Mani announced his exit. It is said that it is not possible to start the show Cook with komali as many people have left in succession. Due to this, he decided to close the show and bring back the popular comedy show Adhu Idhu Edhu with a new season.
In that way, Ma Ka Pa anand is going to start hosting it soon. Sivakarthikeyan became famous all over by hosting the show. Later hosted by Ma Ka Pa. The show, which aired for about 10 years, was stopped last year in 2019, but now the new season is about to start soon. Due to this, the TRP of Vijay tv is also expected to rise.

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