Cooku with Comali Manimegalai is in financial trouble..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Cooku with Comali Manimegalai is in financial trouble..!?
A report has surdata-faced that Cooku with Comali Manimegalai is currently in financial trouble. Manimekalai has been a host on sun Music tv and has captivated fans with her lively speech and beauty. While she acted in some films, those films did not give the expected success, she continued to show her talent on the small screen. In this case, when she fell in love with Hussain, her parents did not consent to their love, so she left home and married him. It was Vijay tv that helped Manimekalai who was struggling financially after her marriage.
Manimekalai, who participated with her husband in the Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathrai program aired on Vijay tv, bagged the second prize by showcasing her dancing skills. Following this, he participated as a clown in the 'Cook with Komali' program launched on Vijay TV. Manimekalai, who has appeared as a clown in all the seasons that have aired so far...suddenly in the last season, she announced that she will no longer come as a clown. This news shocked all the fans.
Manimegalai, who has built a good reputation through her YouTube page, has settled down in chennai with 2 cars and a house, but now she is also building a huge house in the village. Lately, she has not got any Vijay tv programs. She has lost her income from YouTube as well. Manimegalai said on her YouTube page that she is currently unable to pay even the housing loan for her house. Seeing this state of Manimekalai, many fans have asked her whether Vijay tv abandoned her? It is noteworthy that they are expressing their grief by raising questions.

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