Maya attacked Vishnu even after Bigg Boss ended..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Maya attacked vishnu even after bigg boss ended..!?
Maya's use of a fake love track between vishnu and poornima for content has already been criticized by everyone, starting with the housemates.
Bigg Boss Season 7 started with a bang on october 1 last year with a total of 23 contestants. While the show started with Bhava Chelaturai, saravana Vikram, Mani Chandra, Maya, Yukendran, Visitra, pradeep Antony, Kool Suresh, Raveena, Nixon, ananya Rao, Jovika, vishnu Vijay, Poornima, Akshaya, Aishu, 5 were the wild card entries on day 28. The contestants entered the bigg boss house. With Archana, Khanna Bala, Dinesh, RJ Bravo, and Anna Bharti entering as wild card entries, bigg boss Season 7 started heating up after about a month with the arrival of the wild card entry contestants. With pradeep Antony's red card issue and archana being attacked as a group, the show heated up at jet speed, and after that, it reached 105 days with no dearth of excitement and controversy.
The day before yesterday on 14th Jan, the bigg boss grand finale was celebrated amidst great expectations, archana won the bigg boss Season 7 title winner title. While Mani Chandra emerged as the runner-up, Maya, Dinesh, and vishnu took the next places. vishnu is the one who gets likes by showing various emotions like fights, quarrels, love, anger, and sentiment in this show from the beginning. But contrary to the expectations of his fans in the grand finale, vishnu was the first to be eliminated. Vishnu's fans became even more fierce when Maya, who was crawling as his arch-nemesis, found the paper of Vishnu's eviction and announced it.
Maya, the contestant who was heavily criticized from the start of the bigg boss show, had already earned the displeasure of many by making it to the end. maya eventually emerged as the second runner-up even though bigg boss fans criticized Vijay TV, her co-stars, and why kamal haasan weekly for maya not evicting. Amidst all this, archana has been garnering accolades by winning the bigg boss Season 7 title.
Usually, even contestants who were arch-enemies patch up and give a shock after leaving the show, Oviya - Julie - gayatri Raghuram, Aari - bala have many examples of this. But contrary to this, this season, the contestants are crawling without any abatement even outside of Big Bazoo, which is already receiving criticism. In the final week, former contestants like Jovika, Akshaya, Vikram, and others received severe criticism inside the bigg boss house. In this case, maya Krishnan has posted an attack on vishnu to top it off and is receiving severe criticism on the internet.
Vishnu was shocked by the card in Maya's hand and said, "Karma has done its work. My friend has not cheated?" maya has shared a post on her instagram page in which maya questions Vishnu. Maya's use of a fake love track between vishnu and purnima for the content has already been criticized by everyone, starting with the housemates, maya has now posted to mention it again and is gathering heavy criticism on the internet.

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