Bigg Boss Spy Alliance Strikes Again.!

Sindujaa D N
Sivaji, Yavar, and Pallavi Prashanth, who formed a spy alliance during bigg boss Season 7, continued their camaraderie even after the show's conclusion. This spy batch, known for their strategic gameplay, showcased their unity when a fellow contestant joined their live session, highlighting the strength of their bond. Remarkably, all three members of the spy batch secured positions in the top 5, with Pallavi Prashanth emerging as the title winner. 

Post the bigg boss finale, the trio engaged in an instagram Live session, expressing their joy over the overwhelming support received. In a recent interview, sivaji disclosed that the spy batch, fuelled by the immense popularity gained from Season 7, is set to collaborate on a film project. The trio, comprising sivaji, Pallavi Prashanth, and Yavar, will feature together in a movie with a storyline already in place. The film is expected to be an independent project lasting about one and a half hours, and the director will be announced soon.

Sivaji, with a career spanning over 20 years and more than 90 films, aimed to revive his standing in the industry through bigg boss, where he showcased his strategic prowess over 105 days. Recognizing the potential of their newfound fame, the spy batch intends to leverage their bigg boss image for their upcoming cinematic venture, aspiring to turn their collective popularity into a career boon. The success of their strategic planning and career move remains to be seen.

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