Hotstar Sees Drop in Subscriber Base .!

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It is known about the tough competition among OTT giants. They are investing heavily in creating original creative content to dominate the field. But only a few succeed here. However, the international giant Disney has tied up with Star India- Hot Star as part of the expansion of its OTT business in India. Hot Star is recognized as the fastest growing OTT in India. In fact, it is an OTT company that has grown faster than amazon Prime.

It was a surprise to see Hot Star's subscriber base drop significantly to 37.6 million from 61.3 million paid subscribers a year ago. The hot star data-faced ups and downs in the background of competition from the movie Jio. At the same time, the campaign started that reliance was going to buy the said OTT. It was also announced that Disney will no longer exist in India. reliance is said to have offered $10 billion for the proposal as the company intends to sell its india business.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has clarified all the speculations. He said that they are planning to stay in India. He said that the company is evaluating all the growth opportunities available to them and wants to continue doing business in India. Disney has been performing well with its linear television business, Star India. Star india is a profitable business for Disney. It was also found that the company's losses were coming from other parts of the business.

It is known that the big plans of reliance leaders are seriously affecting other companies. This effect is more pronounced in the OTT sector. Hot Star's subscriber count has gone down due to Geocinema's impact. It is true that the rights of the indian Premier League and Warner Bros. Discovery have decreased somewhat with the content issues, but the hot star is not in danger of being ready for sale. 

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