Biggboss Contestant asked her to sleep in same bed with him..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Biggboss Contestant asked her to sleep in same bed with him..!?
The 7th season of bigg boss started on 1st october last. A total of 18 people have participated in this event including 9 male contestants and 9 female contestants. With less than a week to go from the start of the show, issues are already starting to heat up between the contestants. Especially pradeep Antony is constantly getting into various problems.
If the female contestants lost yesterday's task, they were told to hand over their make-up items to Bigg Boss. Pradeep's comment caused controversy. He said that he wanted to see the true data-face of women only by removing the make-up. The female contestants strongly objected to his speech and retaliated against pradeep by removing the make-up to show that they looked beautiful without wearing make-up.

In this situation, the video of pradeep talking to actress Vichitra in a controversial manner has been released and is going viral. After listening to pradeep saying that bigg boss should punish men and women for sleeping in the same bed, Vichitra said that he wouldn't do it if he said that, to which pradeep said that he would do it. Vichitra immediately asked bigg boss through the mic that the task he said was done and challenged him that he would change her name even if he dared to lie down and sleep. Then Vichitra, who was tensed, asked how he told her to sleep on the bed too, pradeep immediately blurted out he didn't tell her to sleep on the bed, he just told her to lie down and sleep next to her.

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