Unstoppable 2: Fun With Seniors

The discussion programme "Unstoppable 2 with NBK" hosted by Nandamuri balakrishna has been well received ever since it debuted. Senior politician N. chandrababu naidu and his son nara lokesh opened the season. siddhu Jonnalagga-Vishwak Sen, Sharwanand-Adivi Sesh, and kiran kumar Reddy-Suresh reddy come after it.
The crew delivered a new trailer today. According to rumours, it celebrates NTR's 100th birthday as well as 90 years of telugu film. Big producers allu aravind and Daggubati suresh Babu are seen in the trailer talking candidly about their friendship and bond with balakrishna, who is soon joined by former director K. raghavendra Rao.
They then joked about his obsession with fruits and the female leads in the movies before getting to the topic of producers and distributors and theatre allocation and related business. In a similar vein, the producer responded that he was waiting to work on a film with both chiru and balakrishna when asked why aravind had not collaborated with Balayya. balayya announced that it would be a global picture right away.
In the trailer, NTR's illustrious career is also celebrated, but there are numerous objections to the phrase "90 years of telugu film." "NTR Centennial is unique. Senior journalists and media critics ask, "How many pioneers should be honoured when celebrating 90 years of telugu cinema?"

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