Salary asked by Kamal to host Bigg Boss 6..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Salary asked by Kamal to host bigg boss 6..!?
Bigg Boss is the only show that has attracted the most fans among all the programs telecasted on Vijay TV. This show, hosted by Ulaganaayagan Kamal Haasan, has completed five seasons and is currently entering its sixth season. The promo for this has been released recently and has aroused the interest of the fans. Expectations for the show have increased as some changes have now been introduced whereby screen celebrities and common people can also participate in the show.
In this case, the information about the salary of Kamal Haasan, who is hosting the bigg boss show, has been leaked on the internet. Kamal, who has been hosting the show for the past five years, will be hosting this season as well. Before this, he was paid up to 75 crores for this show. But now he has doubled his salary. Kamal has asked for a salary of 130 crore rupees for this season, which he is currently hosting. And Vijay TV's TRPs skyrocket on the weekends when Kamal appears on Bigg Boss. Fans are watching this show for him. It cannot be denied that this show has become such a huge success because of him alone.
So the production management of bigg boss agreed to pay him the salary he asked for without any renegotiation. One of the reasons for this is said to be the huge profit made by the movie Vikram.
In that way, Vijay tv is planning to make a good profit with Kamal through the bigg boss show.Celebrities including Vijay tv Rakshan are expected to participate in this program which will be aired soon. And some more controversial celebrities that we didn't expect are also going to participate in this show. So the Lord's fans are eagerly waiting for when this show will start.

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