Big B obeys his words! Who is that??


Who Is RD Tailang: amitabh bachchan obeys everything about this person in KBC, this player hides behind the scenes megastar amitabh Bachchan's show Kaun Banega Crorepati is seen in almost every household. But do you know that there is such a person in the show, whose talk Big B never avoids? It is because of them that the show remains fun.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Aadar, Adab, Abhinandan, Aadhaar, Main Hoon amitabh Bachchan...The megastar begins the show with this line. people like amitabh Bachchan's strong voice and his style. You must have heard many words like 'Gharial Babu', 'Mrs. Tiktiki', 'Miss Chalapadi', 'Computer sir' in KBC.

But have you ever wondered who is the person who named this different computer and clock? amitabh bachchan believes everything about this player hidden behind the scenes in the show and this is what makes KBC fun. We are talking about writer RD Tailang. Today we will tell you who are they and how did they get a chance to write this show?

Writer RD Tailang has been writing scripts for the show for years. RD Tailang had come to mumbai to drop his relatives and then settled down. Tailang Sahab started his career as a journalist. RD Tailang started his writing career with the show 'Movers and Shakers'.

In the year 2000, RD Tailang joined Kaun Banega Crorepati. Since then Aaj Tak RD Tailang has been writing for the show. RD Tailang not only writes the script of the show but also gives its tagline. He has given human names to the clock and computer and amitabh bachchan never avoids his talk.

RD Tailang had told in an interview, 'I have been working with amitabh bachchan for almost 20 years. And everyone thinks that I have become quite comfortable with them but it is not so. Even today when I go to him with poetry or any dialogue and when amitabh bachchan reads it. So I am scared that how will they react after reading this? Those are the most difficult times for me.

RD Tailang has given different names to almost everything in the show. Many technical things in the show are said in interesting terms. Such as- Computer ji, Computer sir, Computer sir, Gharial Babu, Mrs. Tiktiki, Peak ki koti, lock it, Panchkoti Mahamani, Suimui, Miss Chalapadi. On this, he had said, 'If I talk about my words, I have got so much rejection at the beginning of my career that now all this comes out of my pen itself.

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