Stranger Things Season 4 BTS Images Show Cast Goofing Around on Set

Millie bobby Brown released a series of behind-the-scenes images of the Stranger Things cast having a good time on set. Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 aired on Netflix on May 27, eliciting excitement and recollections among the cast and crew. Season 4 has been in the works for about two and a half years, following the conclusion of Season 3 in July of 2019. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the season was repeatedly postponed, eventually being postponed until 2022.

While the delay was distressing to fans, the creators used the extra time to expand the scope of Season 4 of Stranger Things. Stranger Things season 4 is a large one, with longer episodes ranging from 60 to 98 minutes, a season with a run duration double that of the previous ones, new cast members, and new stories involving Vecna and Victor Kreel (Robert Englund). The Stranger Things stars have not only grown older, but their acting has as well. Strong storyline and a nod to 80s horror go hand in hand with their talent. Stranger Things season 4 was produced over several years, and the actors and crew put forth a lot of effort.

Brown came to instagram to post a series of amusing Stranger Things BTS photographs in honor of the release of volume 1. While she recognizes the amount of effort that went into the series, she also demonstrates that the actors and crew had time to have fun. The cast members are all grins in the photos as they hang out with one other and have fun on ice rinks, in the backs of cars, and over meals.

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