Rashid Khan misbehaved by throwing his bat at his teammate..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Rashid Khan misbehaved by throwing his bat at his teammate..!?
afghanistan has advanced to the semi-finals of the 2024 t20 world cup after winning the Super 8 match against Bangladesh. A video of afghanistan captain Rashid Khan's mischievous act at this happy moment is going viral on social media. During the match against the bangladesh team, the afghanistan team batted very calmly. The batsmen of the team could not add runs quickly as the pitch was very dull. At one stage, afghanistan scored 93 runs in 17.4 overs and lost 5 wickets. Rashid Khan, the captain of the team, hit the last ball of the same over for a six.
In the next over, Rashid Khan and Karim Janat managed to score only one run. Next, Rashid Khan hit a six off the second ball of the 20th over. He tried to hit a six on the third ball too, but the ball went long and dropped. Meanwhile, Rashid Khan tried to maintain the strike again with two runs. But, Karim Janat stopped after one run. Rashid Khan had almost completed the second run and Karim remained standing on the other side. Seeing this, Rashid Khan was furious and threw the bat at him. The bat didn't land on him. Then, Rashid Khan came running back to his place. So only one run was scored on that ball.
Then Karim, who came near Rashid Khan and took the bat thrown by him, tried to explain why he did not run. But Rashid Khan was in no mood to listen to anything. After seeing him, he said a few angry words and left. Rashid Khan then hit another six off the last ball of the over. Because of that, afghanistan added 115 runs in 20 overs. bangladesh scored only 105 runs in this match and were all out. Even after winning the match, fans are pointing out that it was wrong for Rashid Khan to throw the bat at his teammate.

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