RCB has to win 7 consecutive matches to enter the playoffs..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
RCB has to win 7 consecutive matches to enter the playoffs..!?
Royal Challengers Bangalore are in danger of losing their play-off spot in the 2024 IPL. Even one more mistake and a match loss is in danger of missing out on a play-off opportunity. The Bengaluru team has played seven matches so far with one win and six losses. As a result, the Bengaluru team is at the bottom of the points table with just 2 points. The team has seven matches remaining. A win in those seven matches would take them to 16 points with eight wins. While the top ten teams are participating in the 2022 IPL series, the teams with 8 wins in the 2022 and 2023 IPL series are placed in the top four positions in the points table and qualify for the play-offs. Bengaluru, who are in a bad position at the moment, have a high chance of going to the playoffs if they get eight wins.
If two teams are fourth and fifth on the points table with eight wins, whichever team has the highest net run rate will advance to the playoffs. Bengaluru has the worst net run rate among the current ten teams. The Bengaluru team has a worst net rate of -1.185. This net run rate should be high enough to win all the next matches and some big ones at that. To win by more runs or to win with more balls to spare in the chase.
Bengaluru's bowling is poor at present and the chances of the team winning seven matches in a row is slim. Even a single mistake and a one-run loss could ruin the team's playoff chances. Many Bengaluru players were sad after losing the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Even the captain of the team, Faf, said that the players were demoralized due to the series of defeats.

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