Please support me... Hardik Pandya pleaded in a video..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Please support me... hardik pandya pleaded in a video..!?
In the IPL cricket series, everyone's attention is now back on the mumbai Indians team. The reason for this is the change of captains in that team. mumbai team management appointed hardik pandya, who returned from the gujarat team after removing the five-time trophy winner rohit sharma, as the captain. It is said that he was given the post only at the request of hardik Pandya. This made rohit sharma fans very unhappy. And the player who left the team was given the captaincy again. This has created a stir among the mumbai players.
So far rohit sharma has not opened his mouth to congratulate hardik Pandya. And Isaan Kishan, who is furious with rohit sharma, is training with hardik Pandya. On the other hand, bumrah and suryakumar yadav have openly supported rohit sharma and posted on social media. Due to this, there is a big rift in the mumbai team. Captain hardik pandya has given an interview that he should be supported in this situation. He will forever be grateful for the support and love given to him by mumbai Indians fans. He cannot describe this blessing in words. He has returned to where his cricketing journey began. He left Baroda as a boy and came to Mumbai. This mumbai city taught him everything about growth, life, and fighting spirit.
He will never forget the love and lessons this city gave him. That shaped his cricketing career. mumbai will always give you tough challenges. You will grow through it. Now he have come to mumbai after two years in the IPL. Everyone should give him full support. Fans need to support our team. If you do this, this season will surely be full of excitement and excitement. He certainly look forward to all the support. hardik pandya said that they will all data-face this journey happily and travel together.

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