Is Yuvraj Singh contesting in elections for BJP..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Is yuvraj singh contesting in elections for BJP..!?
 An explanation has been given regarding the information that former indian team player yuvraj singh is contesting from the Gurdaspur constituency in punjab on behalf of the bjp in the parliamentary elections. In recent times, many sports and film celebrities have joined the BJP. Especially retired sports players are showing more interest in politics than cricket-related work. Former indian cricketer gautam gambhir is already a bjp MP. Likewise, badminton player saina nehwal joined the BJP. On the other hand, former indian cricketer harbhajan singh is an mp from the Aam Aadmi Party. Apart from this, it has been reported that jharkhand cricketer Selurab Tiwari, who played for the indian team, will soon join the BJP.
In this situation, it was reported that another cricketer from the state of punjab was going to enter politics. yuvraj singh, who won 2 World Cups for the indian team, was said to be contesting the parliamentary elections soon. Unlike tamil Nadu, bjp did not get much support in Punjab. The bjp is planning to make famous people contest the parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, indian legend yuvraj singh met Union minister nitin gadkari a few weeks ago.
Subsequently, it was reported that yuvraj singh is going to field as a candidate on behalf of the bjp in the Gurdaspur constituency of punjab in the parliamentary elections. Actor sunny deol is the current mp from this constituency. However, Yuvraj Singh's friends said that the meeting with nitin gadkari was only a courtesy call. However, there were reports that yuvraj singh was going to enter politics. In this situation, yuvraj singh on his twitter page said that he did not contest the parliamentary elections from the Gurdaspur constituency. He wants to continue helping people through hischarity UVCan. He said that everyone will work together to make the changes they can.

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