The Indian team will meet at the Anand Ambani Pre-Wedding..!!

Sowmiya Sriram
The indian team will meet at the anand Ambani Pre-Wedding..!!
Anand Ambani - radhika wedding pre-events will be attended by indian cricket team stars. anand Ambani, the youngest son of one of India's richest men, mukesh ambani - Nida Ambani and Encore's radhika will get married on July 12. anand Ambani, who was completely occupied with a FOFA during the IPL matches, surprised many by losing weight in 6 months. anand Ambani is one of the key decision-makers of the mumbai team. While he and radhika have been in love for a long time, the marriage will take place in Jamnagar, gujarat with the consent of both families. Before that, pre-wedding events will be held for the next 3 days from today. Celebrities, businessmen, and cinema celebrities from all over the world have been invited to participate in this event. data-facebook founder mark zuckerberg and google CEO Sundar Pichai have already attended.
In this situation, it has been revealed that the stars of the indian cricket team are also going to participate. Especially the captain of CSK team dhoni is going to attend this event with his wife. dhoni has left ranchi for Jamnagar for this. Despite being the owner of the mumbai team, mukesh ambani is one of Dhoni's biggest fans.
Once dhoni got off the bus and came to the stadium, mukesh ambani welcomed him directly. Apart from dhoni, indian team captain Rohit Sharma, mumbai team captain hardik pandya, mumbai player Ishan Kishan, Krunal Pandya, CSK player Dwayne Bravo, mumbai team administrators Zakir Khan and Jayawardene will also attend. Their departure videos are also trending on social media. Thus, it is an event where many players and ex-players of the indian team come together.

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