No beef allowed in Hyderabad..!? ICC World Cup 2023..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
No beef allowed in Hyderabad..!? ICC world cup 2023..!?
Only 6 days left for the start of the world cup series. In this, the teams of india, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Afghanistan, Netherlands, australia and new zealand are preparing themselves very busy. In this case, the indian Cricket Board, which is conducting the series, has to arrange accommodation and food for the players from the other 9 countries participating in the series. Since only india will win the world cup this time, beef has been denied in the food provided to all 10 national players. Although we know that athletes get the protein they need from beef, beef is a matter related to our religion, and instead of beef, players can get their protein from mutton, chicken, and fish, the english media reported.
Asking and not giving:
It has been reported that if the players indicate their favorite dishes and not just the menu provided to them, the food will be prepared by the best chefs. But it is reported that beef will not be served in that special dish. Apart from this, it has been reported that the players can also eat the food in the cities they are traveling to. It is said that the players will be served with a variety of dishes prepared in mutton and chicken, with an excess of Hyderabadi cuisine. Although this decision of bcci has shocked many people, it is noteworthy that no other countries have commented on it.
BCCI Intervention?
Before this, there were reports that beef and pork were not provided to the new zealand team, which played a 3-match ODI series against the indian team in 2021. But then the bcci said, “BCCI has no right to decide what the players should eat. Players are allowed to eat at their discretion. There are no dietary guidelines or rules. What to eat is a personal choice of the players. We do not provide any guidelines regarding meal plans. As far as diet is concerned, it is a player's personal choice. bcci has no role in this. Some do not eat beef. But when other players eat that food is done without mixing. This is typical. There is no bcci instruction in this. Veg or non-vegetarian is the player's choice. They have full freedom to do so. bcci never interferes in this,” explained the statement.

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