Is this the Indian team? Mohammed Shami 5 wickets..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Is this the indian team? mohammed shami 5 wickets..!?
Australia set a target of 280 runs in the first ODI against India. The indian team won the toss and elected to bowl first. The indian team's bumrah and Mohammad shami bowled a crisis from the outset of australia as australia was expected to score more than 300 runs as it was favorable to running. Opener Michel Marsh was out for four runs in Mohammed Shami's Anal Fleeing Bowling. Following this, David Warner also made a responsible game and set the runs.
Warner, who used it to miss the catch offer when Davat Warner scored 14 runs, was a half-century. With this, Jadeja bowled the bowling as Warner scored 52 runs. Similarly, Smith became Edge for 41 runs and became Bolt in shami Ball. australia lost three wickets for 112 runs. Following this, cameron Grin expressed his IPL experience and first set a foundation for a globe, that unnecessarily run out.
In the end, Jazz english played a great deal and raised the speed of Australia's run, and Aswin had somewhere. mohammed shami became the ball when Stonis hit 5 fours and scored 29 runs in 21 balls. Jazz Inglish was dismissed for 45 runs. In the end, Mohammad shami took 5 wickets who was bowled out for 2. australia lost all wickets for 276 runs in 50 overs.

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