Vishu : Celebration of Malayalam New Year!!!

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Vishu : Celebration of malayalam New Year!!!

Hindus celebrate Vishu, which falls on the malayalam New Year in Kerala, tamil Nadu, and Mahe, India. Vishu occurs on the first day of the month of Medam in the malayalam calendar (April 14 or 15 in the Gregorian calendar). As "equal" in Sanskrit, "Vishu" refers to more than simply malayalam events. In India, the holiday is celebrated under many names. While Vishu is celebrated as bihu in Assam, baisakhi is the name given to it in Punjab. While the kollam period calendar recognizes the first of Chingham as the New Year, this is the traditional New Year. The main activities of the festival are family get-togethers, the production of colorful, auspicious artifacts, and seeing these first thing on Vishu Day (Vishukkani).

Date of Vishu in 2024

This year, Thursday, april 14, will be designated as the auspicious festival of Vishu. Drik Panchang said that on april 13, around 9:15 p.m., the sankranti Moment on Vishu Kani will take place.

Vishu's past

The history of Vishu is extensive and enmeshed in mythology and culture. One such legend dates Lord Krishna's defeat of the monster Narakasura to the day of Vishu. According to a different tale, Vishu is a celebration of surya Dev's return. Another folktale holds that the demon king Ravana stopped the sun God, surya Dev, from rising from the east. On the day of Vishu, the sun, also called surya Dev, started to rise from the east following Ravana's defeat. Vishu has been observed extensively ever since.

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