Huranga Holi : All you need to know!!!

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Huranga holi : All you need to know!!!

In india, holi, the festival of colors, will be observed on Monday, march 25, with great fanfare and celebration. india is a varied country, and the many states all celebrate holi in accordance with their respective customs. The world knows about Braj's holi celebrations, as does the whole indian population. Braj is renowned for hosting almost 10 distinct holi celebrations. The well-known Dauji Ka Huranga festival is held annually in the Baldev villages in the mathura district in Uttar Pradesh. It's observed following the holi celebration. Together, men and women play Holi. Men are referred to as Huriyare, and women as Huriyarin. To learn more about this unusual custom, scroll down. 

Date of Huranga holi 2024

On Tuesday, march 26, 2024, the Dauji temple in Baldev village, mathura, Uttar Pradesh, will celebrate Dauji ka Huranga with tremendous pomp and circumstance. Devotees and tourists flock from all across the country and even abroad to play this Huranga. Huranga typically begins at 12:00 PM at the Dauji temple.

History of Huranga holi in 2024

Dauji's Huranga is conducted in the mathura family village named Baldev after Lord Baldev, also called Dau ji Maharaj, the elder brother of Shri Krishna. In the vernacular, "Dau ji" refers to an older brother. One of Lord Vishnu's two mounts, Sheshnag, assumed the shape of Lord Baldev. It is believed that on this holi, Lord Baldev assumes the role of Lord krishna in Maharas or Mahalila. Huranga is a more combative variation of holi that is supposedly only done by Lord Baldev Ji. Huranga is only permitted entry into the temple by Goswami kalyan Deo ji's descendants. Since receiving the rights, the descendants of kalyan Deo ji have made it a tradition to perform Huranga once a year.

The god's idol was placed there during Akbar's reign by Gokul Nath ji, the acharya of the Ballabha Kul sect. Each year, following Dhulandi or Badi holi, hundreds of pilgrims travel by bus to attend the holi festivities and play. holi is the most significant holiday for Balrama ji, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Balrama once returned to Braj by himself and didn't bring krishna with him, performing ras-lila for the gopis. To honor this history and remember the goddess Balrama, the temple celebrates Dauji ka Huranga every year, two days following Chaitra Masa's Purnima.

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