Ayodhya Ram Temple Special Postal Stamp..!! Looks Great..!

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Ayodhya ram temple Special postal Stamp..!! Looks Great..!
There are 4 days left for the inauguration of the newly built ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. prime minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the ram temple on january 22. In this context, prime minister Narendra Modi has introduced the Sri ram Janmabhoomi temple commemorative postage stamps. Along with this, Modi also released a collection book with stamps of Lord Rama published all over the world. The design of the postage stamps includes ram temple, Chaubai 'Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari', sun, sarayu River, and sculptures in and around the temple. Golden leaves of sun rays and chaubai give this miniature sheet a majestic icon.
 The five physical elements of sky, air, fire, earth, and water known as panchabhutas are represented through various design elements. Proclaims the perfect harmony of the Pancha Mahabhutas which is essential for all manifestation. This stamp collection represents important characters and elements of Ramayana.
These include ram temple, Ganesh, Hanuman, Jatayu, Kevatraj, and Maa Shabri. "Today, I got an opportunity to participate in another program related to the pran Pratishtha ceremony of ram Koil. Six stamps dedicated to ram Koil were released. A book containing stamps issued on ram around the world was also released," PM Modi said in a video. The stories of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and the Ramayana are connected to everyone irrespective of his/her religion or caste. The Ramayana teaches us about the triumph of love no matter how many challenges come our way. It connects the entire humanity with itself and that's why it has gathered attraction across the world," Modi said.
Each stamp is exquisitely decorated. The gold leaf of sun rays and chaubai adds a majestic touch to the entire miniature sheet, officials said. What distinguishes these stamps are the 'panchabhutas' or five bodies. The elements – Sky, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water are the amalgamation. Through the various design elements, the stamps symbolize the perfect harmony of the Panchamahabhuthas. This is believed to be essential to all expressions of Hindu philosophy. government sources say the stamp book is an attempt to express the international reflection of Sri Rama on various communities. This 48-page book includes stamps issued by more than 20 countries like the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and cambodia and organizations like the UN.

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