Astro: Follow this tips to become richer?...

S Venkateshwari
Astro: Follow this tips to become richer?...

Every person wants the arrival of positive energy, wealth and luck in their home. You will be surprised to know that only a small camphor can do this work. It can not only bring happiness in your life but can also become a means of wealth, opulence and luck. This is the reason why it is considered very important to have camphor in the plate of any aarti. If you also want this in your home, then with these experiments of camphor, you can bring positivity in your life. 

Benefits of camphor

After completing the work during the night, try to burn camphor in a silver bowl in the kitchen for no shortage of money .

Burning camphor in the morning and evening worship gets rid of many kinds of troubles.

If you want a happy atmosphere in the house, then soak camphor in ghee in the morning and burn it. This also opens the way for progress in the family.

To increase the fortune, put a few drops of camphor oil in the water at the time of bath and take a bath with that water.

Burn cloves and camphor continuously in a silver bowl to continue the slowed works.

To bring positivity in the house, put camphor in a pot at the main door every morning.

To please Goddess Durga, the goddess of power and to get wealth, place a piece of camphor in a rose flower and burn it with flowers in the evening.

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