Bastar Dussehra: the longest festival in the world

Prasad Deepak

Bastar Dussehra: the longest festival in the world 

Chhattisgarh state of india has the most unique and fascinating Dussehra, it is the longest festival in the world, spanning over 75 days. Bastar dussehra is celebrated in different way compared to other areas.

    Bastar dussehra is about their tribes, god and goddesses, its starts with dark moon of Sharavan and end on bright moon of Ashwin. Festivities takes place in Jagdalpur, a city in district of Bastar.

   Bastar dussehra is dedicated to deity of goddess Danteshwari, the goddess of Kakatiya rulers,  in 12th century the ruler of Bastar walked to Puri Jagannadh, he was staunch devotee of the Jagannadh. The festival involves different tribes from Bastar, the Maharaja of Bastar leads the festivities, as he is the priest and head of the community.

     Bastar dussehra is not related to Lord Rama and Ravana, instead they have their own God  and Goddesses. The rituals in dussehra of Bastar is as old as 400 years. If someone wants to witness the dussehra of Bastar, they have arrive 10 days before the vijaya dashami to see the festivities, which starts early, because the festival continues for 75 days.



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