Kaleswaram Project Irregularities Unearthed.!

Sindujaa D N
Numerous irregularities and quality defects have been exposed in the construction of the kaleshwaram project, executed by the previous government led by kcr in telangana under the name of Mission Bhagiratha, at a substantial cost. The Medigadda, Annaram, and Sundilla barrages, integral parts of the kaleswaram project, have data-faced issues such as sagging pillars, structural deficiencies, and cracks due to shoddy work.
Before filling the kaleswaram project, water needs to be stored in the Medigadda, Annaram, and Sundilla barrages. However, due to irregularities and compromised quality in these three structures, it has become evident that water storage is not feasible without necessary repairs. Repairing the collapsed pillars and walls of the medigadda barrage alone is estimated to take four months, with similar timelines anticipated for Annaram and Sundilla.
In response to the critical situation, water stored in these barrages is being released, with gates lifted to alleviate pressure on the barrage walls.

The National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA) has established an expert committee, led by former Central Water Corporation chairman J. chandrasekhar Iyer, to assess the designs and construction of these barrages. The committee, comprising six members, will identify problems, propose solutions, and recommend measures to prevent future incidents. The committee has been given a four-month deadline to complete its examination.
Irrigation minister Uttam Kumar reddy has previously announced the committee's role in evaluating the barrages and providing recommendations for repair and renovation works. government sources indicate that a temporary halt has been announced for the kaleswaram project in the next four months. While repair works are expected to commence after the first week of July, it is suggested that there is no need to wait for the committee's recommendations to initiate the necessary repairs.

The expert committee is set to examine the barrages on february 6, following the collapse of the seventh block of the medigadda barrage in october last year. A previous expert committee, appointed by NDSA, attributed the collapse to deficiencies in planning, design, construction, quality, supervision, and management.

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