Sudden Split: Tom Cruise's Breakup.!

Sindujaa D N
Hollywood star tom Cruise, at the age of 61, has reportedly gone through another heartbreak as he and his Russian girlfriend, Alcina Khairova, have ended their relationship. The breakup news comes just 10 days after Cruise officially announced his relationship with Khairova on social media, posting a photo of the couple. Subsequently, the actor has deleted Khairova's photo from his instagram account.

The couple, with a significant 25-year age difference, had been dating for some time. Various reasons are speculated for their separation, with some suggesting Cruise may have broken Khairova's heart, while others point fingers at the girlfriend. Reports indicate that the two had been living together in london for several months, and Cruise even met Khairova's children during this period. The meeting with the children apparently led to Cruise's decision to end the relationship.

The breakup news surdata-faced after the couple attended a gala dinner in support of the air Ambulance charity in london, arriving separately. Despite rumours, neither Cruise nor Khairova has officially commented on the reports. tom Cruise has a history of relationships and marriages that have data-faced challenges. He has been married three times, and all three marriages ended in divorce. Cruise has three children from his previous marriages.

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