KTR: Modi's Double engine to Trouble engine!!

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Telangana: The bjp government in gujarat has announced a one-day power holiday in the state. In this order, minister ktr .. along with the Center and the bjp government in power in gujarat .. Settlers said that the government is not a double engine but a trouble engine.

Minister KTR: In fact, prime minister Narendra Modi's home state of gujarat is currently plagued by power shortages. It was in this context that the bjp government there declared a Power Holiday in the state. The decision was taken by the government in a situation where there were no adequate supply of electricity to the farmers. The government has directed all industries in the state to take leave one day a week. 

Responding to this, the telangana state minister, trs Working President ktr .. satirized the BJP. Is this the double engine government mentioned by the bjp leaders. The ktr tweet related to this has now gone viral. 

Meanwhile, gujarat is currently facing power shortage. The state bjp government had earlier announced that it would provide eight hours of electricity to the farmers but .. Opposition leaders there alleged that they were providing electricity to the farmers for three to four hours by imposing power cuts. 

Recently, the gujarat government announced that there would be a Power Holiday for industries one day a week in the state. The government has directed all industries to take holidays on a weekly basis. The government said in its order that the decision was taken due to lack of adequate power supply to farmers. The gujarat Energy Development Corporation has issued orders to this effect. However, the gujarat government has stated that all districts will have a Power Holiday on the same day. 

Despite this, the ruling party leaders and ministers have been making harsh remarks to thwart the aggressive bjp and congress in the state. Against this backdrop, minister ktr slammed the bjp and the congress over the issue of grain procurement, which has been politically controversial for some time now. The bjp claimed that it was causing trouble to the peasantry. 

He lamented that rahul gandhi was clearly misinforming and misleading the real situation. The ruling BJP-Opposition congress at the Center has come under fire. minister ktr demanded in a series of tweets that congress, which had neglected the farmers of the country for decades, should first apologize to them. 

Congress leader rahul gandhi has been asked to divert his criticism from those in power in delhi for repeatedly refusing to buy rice from Telangana. He opined that it was shameful to compare the performance of the trs government with the previous congress governments.

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