Jagan babu... Tell me where Rs.20 tickets are...?

Sindujaa D N

Many are pitying the theatre owners for showing these rates and for not letting the horrible ticket rates go down like this. Actually, where are these rates really, who are they?

Movie ticket rates on the ap have dropped drastically. The box office counter was lower than the grocery batter counter. Is all this true ..? 

There is a debate going on as to how much the owners of the theatres are losing and what the tickets are for Rs 5, 10. 

If you ask .. where are the original 10, 20 tickets, how many are being given. The old rates are the same as in any other hall, and the rates are the same as in any multiplex. And what is the discussion going on outside..? What are the rates in the theatres? The common man is going crazy. 

Jagan Babu ... tell me where are those 20 rupee tickets ..?

Even in the villages, the ticket price at the theatre is Rs.150. In malls, however, it is running at Rs 200 and Rs 250. 

In fact, ticket rates should be reduced as per the ap government directives. But theatre owners are cleverly selling everything at balcony rates. Floor and bench tickets on single screens. 

In multiplexes, lower level (second class) tickets are not being sold. That is, those seats are kept vacant but at a lower rate.

Even if there are floor tickets, the spectator who cannot find a balcony ticket in one theatre, chooses another theatre but does not want to go for a floor ticket in the same theatre. With this logic, theatre owners are now deceiving people.

If government guidelines are fully implemented .. how much are a balcony ..? How many seats ..? How much is a floor ticket? How many seats ..? 

If there is a provision that parking fee should be charged according to the movie ticket rate then the spectator will have pocket satisfaction. 

Otherwise, the theatre owner will ultimately benefit if ticket rates are reduced and they are charged together at the popcorn rate.

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